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We are a manufacturer of high quality precision machined products of metal and plastic components since 2006. We manufacture simple to complex components for many industries such as Agriculture, Medical, Gas, Hydraulic, Food Processing, Beverage, Firearm, Automotive, Packaging, Plumbing and much more.

precision machined products

What about Orrco makes us right for your precision machining needs?

Complex Part Machining;

High Volume Production;

Varied Products Experience;

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Whether your need is for a carbide wear part used in mining and construction or a commercial piece for the lawn & garden market.  

Quality precision machined products and Manufacturing provides specialized machining for smaller precision components for the aerospace industry. Tight tolerances and high quantities are QMP specialties, ensuring that customers get the part that fits their specifications.

The CNC machining capabilities of QMP include lathe turning, multi-axis machining, CNC swiss machining, and the secondary processes needed to complete a project all under one roof. As with all precision machining projects that QMP takes on, quality assurance and customer service are paramount to providing the customer with the best product and an exceptional experience.

Quality Machined Products and Manufacturings CNC machine shop is located in Western Pennsylvania (PA), and so a majority of clients come from the tri-state area and along the east coast. Those industry looking for a custom precision machine shop contact QMP for manufacturing their complex parts. While on the east coast, QMP can ship their parts across the country and even fulfill requests from Mexico. When you need the right part to fit specific aviation applications, contact QMP to learn more.

VMT is a hardware component manufacturers, can be processed brass, aluminum, stainless steel parts, the user first, efficiency second. If you are looking for precision machined products, contact us.

precision machined products

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